Fast Fashion Over Quality

We have entered the world of fast fashion!

Consumer demands for trending styles are at an all time high. Consumers everywhere are spending millions every day to keep up with the hottest trends and styles, at an affordable price. The desire for expensive fashions found on the runways of New York and Milan encourages manufactures to build trend replicas at a cheaper price.

Unfortunately, with fast fashion quality gets lost because manufacturers are trying hard to beat supply/demand by rapidly producing high volumes of low quality clothing.  This fact producing results in harmful impacts on the environment, factory workers and animals because of unethical business practices. 

It’s encouraging to know that there are brands, communities, and individuals fighting for the planet and the safety of these workers.

How does Shrelle’s advocate for the environment and others?

Shrelle’s social responsibility is to ensure that our products are purchase from trustworthy responsible brands. We also take the initiative to inspect every piece of clothing item before delivering them to our end consumers.