2021 Fashion Highlight

It is time to push forward in fashion! With the recent pandemic almost over we are so ready to give up our pajamas and socks to get back to dressing in creative yet stylish fashions this year. The fashion season is always months ahead with us already planning into summer and fall with our collections. We have seen what styles NYFW designers have chosen to complete their spring collections. Animal, tie dyed prints, denim textures and soft neutral tones, as well as happier pastel hues started full bloom earlier in the season. 

Spring forward.....

Soft neutral, pastel tones-soothing colors such as whimsy yellow, light aazure, sky blue, millennial pink and creamy mint to bring in the springtime season.

Color-Block- We love pairing complimenting colors together and making a bold but creative statement.

Denim- Everyone should have at least one denim piece in their closet! This year we are playing with different ways to style them to give them a fashionable yet feminine look.

Fall in love in a different way....

Paisley Timeless and unique prints which can look both classic and modern.

Crushed Velvet- Bring some emotion with crushed velvet taking you from casual loungewear to dress up formal in seconds.

Sweater Vest- Welcome in the warm weather with rich textures, floral embroidery, or patterns paired with a flowy blouse or a solid turtleneck for a preppy playful look.

Hosiery- Opt to dress your legs in a pair of fun statement hosiery or those with bold logos to give your lower extremity a refined look in your outfit.

The Western Way-  This look can still be accomplished by anyone who likes to dress “on edge” from animal print, fringes, heighten the mood by adding hints of color with natural tones. 

Shop Shrelle’s today and let our collections carry you through the year! New styles added weekly.