Trend Alert!!

Trend Alert

When it comes to putting together a great outfit, the clothes are not the only things you need to get right. You can transform your style easily by just adding a small detail such as a piece of jewelry. Fashion jewelry is always a good idea because you wear the latest trends at an affordable price when you shop Shrelle’s.To help make sure that you look chic, fashionable, and up-to-date  we will highlight a few trending fashion accessories. 

Elegant Gem

Every now or then, we have some sort of a special occasion to celebrate. Therefore it is a good idea to have a fashion accessory, which is appropriate for the event. Let us use for example, a pair of beautiful tear drop or duster earrings. They could be topped off with glitter or rhinestones to give you the extra sparkle and elegance your outfit needs. When preparing our looks to attend a special occasion it is important to work our way from the clothing and then the fashion accessory. If you happen to love the classic little black dress, then you will have a greater choice of earrings or other accessories to glam up your look.

 Stylish Tassels

These earrings look very elegant, chic and sleek. You can wear them just about anywhere. Tassel earrings come in many different vivid colors, which make them the perfect complimentary fashion accessory for the summer. Tassel earrings are so simple that you can style on daily basis because of the different lengths and different styles that they are available in. Style them with a plain outfit to give them a pop of color and elegance. Also, since these earrings are such statement pieces you can wear them with all kinds of different and trendy hairstyles.

Cuffing to modernize your styles

Cuff bracelets are just another fashion accessory that you might want to add to your jewelry collection. The sleek surface and stylish appearance of these bracelets makes them very easy to style. Try to stack them up with other similar bracelets or combine them with a delicate chain bracelet with a charm.

Half Moon 

Anything with a half moon is just amazing and so modern lately. They are very eye-catching and easy to pair with other jewelry pieces.Feel free to check out to find out more half moon inspired jewelry pieces at