Vibrant colors and bold patterns

New to vibrant colors and bold prints? Don’t be afraid to go bold, that's what colors and material designs were made for. We want to encourage our customers to embrace vibrant hues and lively bold patterns. The trick however, is doing it with style.

Bold prints and patterns have the potential to make a statement and make you feel confident and ready to take on the day. Patterns and designs that are in your face. Big, bright, daring, and different. 

With it being spring and summer just around the corner, there is no better time to refresh your style and give bold prints and statement pieces a chance.

We’re here to help you out by sharing top tips from our fashion CEO to show you that wearing vibrant, zesty colors and bold prints is easy and so much fun!

Try choosing a base color

The secret to mixing prints successfully is to pick a base color that ties together each piece of your outfit.  You can effortlessly mesh a bold solid color pants with a striped top – providing they contain a common color that matches. It’s a simple trick that works. Add a neutral, simple item, such as a denim jacket or over-sized tote bag, to ground the look and embrace your cool and clashing outfit.

Choose Statement Accessories first

Still struggling, start small by choosing some bold statement accessories such as a earrings, sunglasses, belt, or a hat. Pair them with your favorite jeans or a skirt and let your colorful accessories do the talking. 

Mix patterns of different sizes

Want to be more daring with your style? One of the easiest ways to combine patterns is to choose garments with two different sized prints.

This works brilliantly for a summer boho vibe where a delicate floral print blouse will perfectly pair with a brightly patterned skirt. It’s a nifty approach that you’ll see in all the magazines over the next few months.

Unleash your inner animal

All fashionistas should own at least one item of animal print clothing. We’d go so far as to say animal print designs enter the timeless sphere. From flirty leopard, cheetah prints, monochrome zebra prints to edgy faux snakeskin patterns, there are plenty of prints to help you dress on the edge this season. Keep your accessories to a minimum to allow your main fit to shine, and team with a pair of retro shades and sandals to complete the summer look.

Styling geometric prints

Bold geometric patterns will be big this season.

Geometric prints are often easier to wear on top, rather than as a skirt or pair of trousers. Keep your bottom half neutral to really make the patterned top pop. If it’s too much for you in a print, choose a funky geometric statement necklace or earrings. Keep your body shape in mind as it also plays a part when choosing a geometric print. If you are tall, then a large shape pattern works well, while diagonal or vertical shapes will help to elongate a petite frame.

Just got for it

Not everyone is going to love the same prints as you or have the same style. But that doesn’t mean you’ve committed a fashion faux pas. Bold prints are personal as long as you love your look, and it makes you feel fantastic, girl go for it!  Confidence is the key to looking fabulous in bold prints!  

Now are you ready to embrace the seasons colors and bold prints and next few seasons? Dare to be bold and embrace a wardrobe of splendid prints and patterns.

Find your perfect prints by browsing our collection of bright, bold patterns at Shrelle’s.